CCTV Security / Access Control

CCTV Security

With the rapid development and promotion of current computer applications, a powerful wave of digitization has been set off all over the world, and the digitization of various equipment has become the primary goal of security protection. Yingjiao power supply can ensure the long-term stable operation of the digital monitoring alarm equipment, realize the real-time display of the monitoring picture, the single-channel adjustment function of the video image quality, the video speed of each channel can be set separately, fast retrieval, multiple video mode setting functions, automatic Backup, pan/tilt/lens control function, network transmission, etc.



 Access Control

The performance of the power adaptor in the access control system is very important. That choosing of power adaptor for the access controller directly affects the safety and stability of the access control system. Although the power supply is also provided, compared with other power supplies, the dedicated power supply for the access controller has many special requirements. The main differences are as follows:

1.Because it controls the electric lock, and the electric lock is controlled by the inductance coil, there will be an instantaneous large current when the electric lock is started, and a reverse voltage will be generated when the electric lock current ends, which requires the power supply to be able to withstand the load.
2.Because the access control belongs to radio frequency identification, the power supply requires noise, clutter and radiation, especially high-frequency noise interference, which will cause the card reading distance or cause the device to crash or even destroy the device. In the design of the special power supply for the access controller, it is necessary to fully consider its future stability, no high-frequency noise, continuous power supply, and problem-solving parameters.