6W Wall Mount Type

Rated Power: 6W
Input: 100-240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Standby Power: <0.1W
Efficiency Level: DOE VI / COCV5
Protection: Short Circuit, OCP, OVP
Output: 5-36V

Model: YS6V-xxxyyyyE
Power: 6W max.
Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 5-36V
Output Current: 0.1-1.2A
Input current: 0.5A max.
Inrush Current: 65 Amps max. at 230VAC/50Hz,full load
Leakage Current: <0.25mA
Energy Efficiency Level VI : CoC V/ DoE6
No Load Power Consumption : <0.1W
Protections: Short Circuit /Over Current /Over Voltage
Short Circuit Protection (SCP):

Shut down O/P voltage, re-power on to recover

Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Above 110-180% rated power
Over Current Protection (OCP): >120% rated output power
Working TEMP.: -20°C-60°C
Working Humidity: 20%-90% RH non-condensing
Storage TEMP.,Humidity and altitude: 10% to 95% relative humidity range
throughout an altitude range of -60 meters to +5000 meters AMSL.
Input Plug: EU 2pin
Certificates and approvals: CE,RoHS,REACH
EMI EMISSION: Radiation Test&Conduction Test: EN 55032/FCC Part 15
Harmonic Test : EN 61000-3-2
Flicker Test : EN 61000-3-3
EMS IMMUNITY: ESDTest:EN 61000-4-2
RSTest:EN 61000-4-3
EFTTest:EN 61000-4-4
Surge Test:EN 61000-4-5
CSTest:EN 61000-4-6
MFTest:EN 61000-4-8
DIPTest:EN 61000-4-11
MTBF: 100Khrs min. MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃)
Life: 3 years alternative
Dimension: 58*26*74mm
Weight: 70g
Packing: 100pcs/ctn45*28.5*32CM


Model: YS6V-0501200E YS6V-0601000E YS6V-0900660E YS6V-0900660E YS6V-24000250E YS6V-3600160E
DC Voltage: 5V 6V 9V 12V 24V 36V
Rated Current: 1.2A 1A 0.66A 0.5A 0.25A 0.16A
Current Range: 0-1.2A 0-1A 0-0.66A 0-0.5A 0-0.25A 0-0.16A
Rated Power: 6W 6W 6W 6W 6W 6W
Ripple & Noise(max.): 75mV P-P 75mV P-P 90mV P-P 120mV P-P 200mV P-P 360mV P-P
Voltage Tolerance: ±5%
Line Regulation: ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Load Regulation: ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
Efficiency: 75.00% 76% 76% 79% 79% 79%
Setup,Rise,Hold up time: 1000ms30ms/25ms 230VAC at full load


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